Money System Builder – Building Block #1

Keep in mind first and foremost that Internet businesses, like any other business, is sales and marketing based.   You have to have something to sell.   You need to market and advertise for buyers.

If marketing and selling are not in your blood, you need to move in that direction

Selling on the Internet is not a slam dunk.   Even if you have a good product, the competition is fairly stiff.   Just look at eBay and everyone trying to sell the same thing.

Recognize the need for something to sell as one of the most basic building blocks of starting an online business.   The “something” could be your product,  or it could be someone elses that you’ve paid rights for selling it.    It could be less tangible services such as website design, scrapbooking or consulting.    It could be information that you’re smart on from a hobby or personal experience.


One thought on “Money System Builder – Building Block #1

  1. “If marketing and selling are not in your blood, you need to move in that direction”

    It was not in my blood indeed. My parents are both hard working employees and had some failures in business and marketing in the past. So they discouraged me to have a business mindset. I grew up thinking that the only way to be successful is to “find a job that is secure and work until 65 then receive the pension.”

    It was when I was jobless for more than year that I forced myself to create a business for myself. I’m still quite new to internet marketing, but it is a great experience. Cheers.

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