Avoiding Scams

It’s too bad the subject of scams is always at the top of almost every list of concerns. But I guess that’s the world we live in.

Invariably, there’s always someone offering you the latest and greatest to make endless money with zero effort. When you pay them for their advice, guess who’s making money?

I’m not going into reviews of specific scams out there. There are so many that it would fill countless webpages. There are many scam review websites available that go into a lot of good details for what ultimately is a “do not buy” recommendation.

But I will leave you with one specific advice: anything and everything you contemplate buying on the Internet, put down your wallet long enough to do your due diligence, something as simple as Googling the subject.

As Google search keywords, you should insert the name of the product you’re thinking about buying and the word “scam” because the results are sometimes buried beyond the first few pages of Google search results.

It is amazing to see how many promoters of products generate enough positive feedback on their own product to fill the first page of Google search results, even to the extent of paying for testimonials.

And doesn’t have to be with just Internet programs, but almost everything you contemplate buying.

I ran into one, a prominent health adviser whose name I will withhold. On the surface there is was a simple trial offer for a health product at a nominal cost. What my Google results showed was that after the initial charge of $4.95 to my credit card, the second one of $95 per month was quick to follow.

That, in my opinion, is a sleazy way to run a business. And there are many variations of them out there.

If you’re reaching for your wallet and credit cards stop long enough to do your own due diligence, and Google anything and everything you contemplate buying.

That’s scam avoidance in a nutshell.


* * You will not be scammed at Wealthy Affiliates.

2 thoughts on “Avoiding Scams

  1. Wolf,

    I really appreciate the simplicity factor of your whole site.

    Without doing countless reviews on all the scammers out there you boil them down into a group, and then a few simple tasks will sort most of them out.

    Great job!

    Scammers are as old as money, sadly education came a bit after…


  2. Hi there Wolf,
    I guess without knowing what is evil out there (like the scams), we’ll never strive to do the right thing in life 🙂

    A good lesson for all of us to learn.


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